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Petition to Hungary to reject Finland's NATO application

I, Sinikka Tyynelä, have sent an email to the Hungarian Embassy in Finland March 5, 2023.

There is nothing else a private citizen can do anymore, since direct people power has been turned into NATO's war platform and the tools of the rule of law into bloodstained military boots!

Honorable Ambassador of Hungary, Mrs Klára Erzébet Breuer

According to Helsingin Sanomat, a Hungarian delegation is arriving in Finland on March 8, 2023 in connection with the processing of Finland's NATO application. Members of the delegation include Csaba Hende, Zsolt Németh, Enikö Györi and Ernö Schaller-Baross.

I kindly ask you to deliver this call of distress and this petition of a Finnish citizen to the delegation arriving in Finland from Hungary, and also to forward this petition sent from Finland, to the Hungarian Parliament, and to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, because no consultative referendum on NATO has been organized in Finland.

On March 1, 2023 The Finnish Parliament in a state fraud manner tied the Finns to NATO's nuclear weapons chains on the basis of a tiny mainstream media opinion poll and the keys were handed over to Pentagon.


Petition for peace and the rule of law

 "Why should not Hungary accept the Finnish NATO application?

The Finnish Parliament approved the NATO agreement prematurely, on March 1, 2023 by the votes 184 to 7, and at the same time violated the Paris Peace Agreement, which was signed on 10 February 1947.

The Paris Peace Agreement constitutes the life insurance of the Finnish people and it is still in force and irrefutable.

Also the Neighborhood Agreement with Russia is still valid. Finland, and Russia have not terminated this agreement in writing. Only President Sauli Niinistö has arbitrarily announced the termination of the agreement in the media.

The Paris Peace Agreement is in the records of the UN, Russia, the EU and the US.

Peace in the world is not safeguarded by weapons or the right of the stronger, but by international agreements.

Russia has not been a threat to Finland for almost 80 years. After the NATO decision, the situation is dramatically changing and Russia will have to evaluate Finland as a new security threat. During Finland's independence, Russia has never denied Finns human rights, basic freedoms or democratic rights.


Finland is not a rule of law country

The NATO agreement endorsed by the Finnish Parliament March 1, is also a constitutional issue, as the decision-making power of the Finnish Defense Forces is transferred to the Pentagon Command Center, where Washington decides on war and peace.

Sanna Marin's government has offended the independence of the Finnish people and has invalidated the sovereignty of the people. Finland lacks an independent Constitutional Court and the ordinary citizen has no longer any protection concerning constitutional insults or the invalidating of citizens' fundamental rights.

To be forced to resort to foreign powers, to Hungary and Turkey in the distress of the people, is humiliating when the principles of rule of law is lacking in one’s own country. - Is it not bizarre, that at the same time Finland and the entire EU are demanding Hungary to follow the rule of law?

The European Union was supposed to ensure peace on our continent? How did it turn out?

Now, the whole of Europe is engaged in war, suppressed and annihilated under the US command in a war front against Russia. There are no winners in a nuclear war! But there is still hope.

Hungary may, if it so wishes, become a peace promoter in Europe.


Hungary as also Turkey still have the opportunity to prevent World War III by rejecting Finland's NATO membership. It is time for Europe to finally get on its own feet.

NATO should have been stopped at the same time as the Warsaw pact. Thus we would have had peace in Europe now.

Good luck and success to Hungary! The official Finland has chosen NATO. The betrayed people of Finland and the peoples of Europe are now waiting for the Prince of Peace, the restoration of the rule of law and world peace!


Sinikka Tyynelä – citizen of Finland


This petition has been spread on facebook.
People have been urged to send emails of support to the Hungarian embassy in Finland (mission.hel@mfa.gov.hu) and to peace contacts in Hungary (drsimoendre@freemail.hu) for forwarding to members of the Hungarian Parliament.



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The majority of The Finnish parlamentarians, who were elected before the current war, were against NATO. There was only one poll on 2022, where majority of people were for NATO. Still, at least 20% were against. And all the mass media have positive hopes only for the membership of Finland in NATO. No possibly negative things were told. When the decision to join NATO was made in the parliament, only 7 out of 200 voted against. So, the result does not represent opinions of the people. What is needed is a serious discussion and making the decision after the parlamentary elections, that is going to take place in a month.